Why does this exist?
The other dance search tools are aimed at people who already dance. I wanted something really simple to give to people who don't dance yet but would like to try.
Where is the data from?
In 2013 I put it together from contradancelinks.com and searching. Since then people have been sending me links and letting me know when listings have gotten out of date.
I don't see my dance!
Send me a link and I'll add it: jeff.t.kaufman@gmail.com
Can you list my dance as "Most 3rd Fridays, September - June"?
While I agree this would be more accurate, my experience maintaining the site has been that such detailed information gets out of date very quickly as the hundreds of dances around the country make small changes to their schedules. So I would list this as "Some Fridays", to try to strike a balance between "not to vague" and "not too likely to go out of date". People can click through to your website to learn the specific dates.
Where's the full list!
Here's the list, which you can also have in json. If you're putting together a tour you might prefer a day-by-day list or maps for each day:
What about just Gender-Free dances?
Here's all the dances using non-gendered terms and here is a list of weekends, festivals, and camps.
Can you make a heatmap?
Could you include links on that heatmap?
Where's the source code?
On github
Where is the image from?
I took it at the 2022-02-22 BIDA dance in Cambridge MA.