Why does this exist?
The other dance search tools are aimed at people who already dance. I wanted something really simple to give to people who don't dance yet but would like to try.
Where is the data from?
I put it together from contradancelinks.com, searching, and people sending me links.
I don't see my dance!
Send me a link to the website and I'll add it: jeff.t.kaufman@gmail.com
Where's the full list!
Here's the list, which you can also have in json. If you're putting together a tour you might prefer a day-by-day list or maps for each day:
What about just Gender-Free dances?
Here's all the dances using non-gendered terms and here is a list of weekends, festivals, and camps.
Can you make a heatmap?
Could you include links on that heatmap?
Where's the source code?
On github
Where is the image from?
The background image is from j_bary. It's licensed cc-by.